January 17, 2022

Three things to be happy about

I came across this note a few days ago

“Each night, try to think of three new things you’re happy about.

The word ‘new’ is important. If you let yourself repeat items, you might default to some variation of ‘family, friends, and health’ every day.

But if you have to come up with three novel, specific reasons to be happy or grateful, your brain will naturally start making mental notes of things you can include in your list throughout the day."

- Natalie Sudman

What a simple way to count blessings in life. Pause, and look around. If you start finding happiness, happiness will start finding you!


  1. What a great advice!

    The bottom line is that happiness can be faked, i.e. we can train the mind to be happy no matter what.

    1. "හිත හදා ගැනීමේ ප්‍රශ්නයක්!" :)