February 14, 2018

ප්‍රේමයට පසු මිතුදම

Friendship After Love| Ella Wheeler Wilcox

After the fierce midsummer all ablaze
    Has burned itself to ashes, and expires
    In the intensity of its own fires,
There come the mellow, mild, St. Martin days
Crowned with the calm of peace, but sad with haze.
    So after Love has led us, till he tires
    Of his own throes, and torments, and desires,
Comes large-eyed friendship: with a restful gaze,
He beckons us to follow, and across
    Cool verdant vales we wander free from care.
    Is it a touch of frost lies in the air?
Why are we haunted with a sense of loss?
We do not wish the pain back, or the heat;

And yet, and yet, these days are incomplete.

දිනමිණ වසත් සුළඟ 13.02.2018 

February 10, 2018

'Dirt Music' by Tim Winton

Dirt Music - Tim Winton

Dirt music, Fox tells Georgie, is "anything you can play on a verandah or porch, without electricity.” 

This book is a masterpiece by Tim Winton where the language is both lyrical and palpable. He describes the harsh and rugged landscape of Western Australia with great intensity. The reader too, sweats in the torpid midafternoons described in the book or hears the shriek of the straining trees in a cyclone. 

"On the island there are so many unexpected pleasures, like the hot warm boles of the young boab trees he brushes his fingertips in passing. The shapes of these trees delight him. Leaners, swooners, flashers, fat and thin. At the edge of them all is one huge ancient tree, festooned with vines and creepers, whose bark is elephantine. There's glorious asymmetrical spledour about it; it makes him smile just to catch a glimpse of it as he passes. When he climbs it he finds an ossuary on its outspread limbs where some hefty seabird has hauled mudcrabs aloft to feed on. The broken hulls are thick and white as china plates."
Fox's narrative-pg 353

This is a love story of sorts wreathed with loss, anger, loneliness and regret and at times raw with emotion. 

"How might he have told her that the way he lives is a project of forgetting? All the time he's set out wilfully to disremember. and some days it really is possible, in a life full of physical imperatives you can do it, but it's not the same as forgetting. Forgetting is a mercy, an accident"
Fox's narrative- pg 104

I did find the ending somewhat long drawn but this could be due to the fact that I finished the book in many sittings due to lack of time. It did manage to shake me, and that itself was enough in the end. 

Dirt Music was shortlisted for the Booker prize in 2002 and won the Miles Franklin Award in the same year. It has been translated into Russian, French and German.

Dirt Music- Tim Winton (2001)
ISBN: 9780143568797
Publisher: Penguin Books Australia

February 06, 2018

දිය මත ඉතිරි කර යන විසල් සලකුණ

The Print the Whales Make | Marge Saiser

You and I on the boat notice
the print the whales leave,
the  huge ring their diving draws
for a time on the surface.
Is it like that when we
lose one another? Don't
know, can't. But
I want to believe
when we can no longer
walk across a room
for a hug, can no longer
step into the arms of the other,
there will be this:
some trace that stays
while the great body
remains below out of sight,
dark mammoth shadow
flick of flipper
body of delight
diving deep.
දිනමිණ- වසත් සුළඟ 06.02.2018

February 01, 2018


Barter| Sara Teasdale

Life has loveliness to sell,
   All beautiful and splendid things,
Blue waves whitened on a cliff,
   Soaring fire that sways and sings,
And children's faces looking up
Holding wonder in a cup.

Life has loveliness to sell,
   Music like a curve of gold,
Scent of pine trees in the rain,
   Eyes that love you, arms that hold,
And for your spirit's still delight,
Holy thoughts that star the night.

Spend all you have for loveliness,
   Buy it and never count the cost;
For one white singing hour of peace
   Count many a year of strife well lost,
And for a breath of ecstacy
Give all you have been, or could be.

දිනමිණ වසත් සුළඟ- 30.01.2018 

January 27, 2018


when shadows knit together
in the waning moonlight
the vales breathe deep
shrouded in earthy sleep

but as upright as swords 
the gladioli stand
in brightly hued dresses
posed for a dance
seeing all the frilly splendour
and their waltz to silent tunes
the wind gently whispers
'adieu- for autumn looms!'

(the gladioli- also known as the sword lily-are tall colourful spires of blooms that flower only once a year, in the summer.)

Picture drawn in Paint- Oil brush & natural pencil

January 23, 2018

මා ආදරයෙනි

She loved me | Neil Hilborn

I have been wondering, mostly,
if love and sanity are the same thing.
When I say I am in love
I am also saying the world makes sense to me right now,
and I know that love is not the same as knowing everything,
but I have been trying to describe
everything about her.

Because she is gone, 
because about her there are unknowns 
that will now remain unknowable,
It is important to list what is mine to list

she likes hazelnut in her coffee
she is a better driver when her transmission is manual
though she couldnt name it,
her favourite colour is bakelite seafoam green

she loved me once
though it wasnt for very long
though  it shouldnt have happened

she loved me

දිනමිණ- වසත් සුළඟ 23. 01.2018 

January 21, 2018

චිබී චිත්‍ර

අපේ ගෙදර ඉන්න පුංචි සිත්තරා කාලෙන් කාලෙට අලුත් චිත්‍ර ක්‍රම හොයාගන්නවා. ඉස්කෝලේ නිවාඩු කාලේ අන්තිම දවස් ටිකම බද්දට ගත්ත අලුත් විනෝදාංශය මොකක්ද කියලා ඔලුව දාලා බැලුවාම තමයි මටත් චිබි චිත්‍ර (Chibi art) ගැන ඉගෙනගන්න ලැබුණේ. ඉතින් චිත්‍ර අඳින්න පුංචි පිස්සුවක් තියෙන තවත් අයට දැනගන්න මේ ගැන ලියන්න මට හිතුණා. 

Chibi කියන්නේ ජපන් බාසාවෙන් 'කොට' එහෙම නැත්නම් 'පුංචි' කියන එකලු. ඉතින් චිබි චිත්‍ර වලින් කරන්නේ අපි සාමාන්‍යයෙන් දන්න කාටූන් චරිත පුංචියට, හුරතලයට chibify කරලා අඳින එක. එහෙම ඇන්දාම දරුණුම කාටූන් චරිතයකට වුණත් අමුතුම ළමා පෙනුමක් එනවා! ඉතින් මේ චිබි චිත්‍ර අඳින්න youtube tutorials තියෙනවා. ඒවා හරිම සරලව කියලාදෙන නිසා පුංචි ළමයෙකුට වුණත් ලේසියෙන් තේරුම්ගන්න පුළුවන්.


How to Draw Chibi  

ඉතින් මේ දවස්වල අපේ ගෙදර චිබි ලා පිරිලා. එක එක ජාතියේ ඇස් ලොකු චිබීලා මට යන යන තැන හම්බවෙනවා. පහුගිය දවසක් දෙකක් ඇතුලත පුතා ඇන්ද චිබී ලා ටික තමයි මේ

මේ චිබි ප්‍රොජෙක්ට් එකට මටත් ආසා හිතුන බව දැකලා පුතා මට චිබි චැලේන්ජ් එකක් කළා. අපි දෙන්නාම එක සැරේ එකම චිබී ව අඳින්න. මේ තමයි අම්මාගෙයි පුතාගෙයි Chibi Hulk. හරිනම් චිබී ලාගේ ඔලු ලොකුවට අඳින්න ඕන වුණත් මගේ චිත්‍රය අඳිද්දී පොඩි autocorrect එකක් වෙලා මම ඉබේම සාමාන්‍ය ප්‍රමාණයට ඇඳලා! පුතා හිනාවෙනවා ඒ නිසා මම පරාදයි කියලා.


ඉතින් ඔයගොල්ලොත් චිත්‍ර අඳින්න කැමති පුංචි සිත්තරෙකුට චිබී ලෝකය හඳුන්වලා දෙන්න!