April 29, 2023

'Exiles' by Jane Harper

'Exiles' by Jane Harper

Published by Pan Macmillan Australia (2022)

Sometimes just a glance at the author's name on a book is enough to make the choice to read it. For me, Jane Harper is such an author. When I saw that 'Exiles', a new book by Harper was out, there was never a question of whether I would read it or not, only a matter of when.

'Exiles' is Jane Harper's fifth book. As all her books, this one too is centered around a disturbing incident set in a typical Australian setting and how its effect ripples across the community. I love how Harper incorporates descriptions about the Australian landscape and lifestyle into her stories, whether it is a footy match, food and wine festival or a simple jog around a reservoir neighbouring a vineyard. The story line in 'Exiles'  describes how relationships and secrets intertwine in a tight-knit rural community, casting shadows on the lives of all involved.

In her books, Jane Harper introduces characters and incidents to the story in a gradual and subtle way that is never taxing to the reader. 'Exiles' carries its suspense right up to the end is definitely a page-turner.  


  1. Sounds like a fascinating read!

    "how relationships and secrets intertwine in a tight-knit rural community",: the negative side of 'grapevine'.

    1. Lotus- yes, and also how everyone knows each other's business. Can relate in context of Sri Lankan communities too.