December 12, 2018

දෙසැම්බරයේ උදෑසනක්

Clarice Thompson |Morning in December

In the dark kitchen
I raise the window shade.
The morning star glistens.
alone in black space.
Something in me, near my heart,
soars up to meet it,
touches it briefly
and returns.
How insignificant I am,
How tiny in a universe
where even that star
is miniscule.
I turn from the window,
reassured, stronger.
My tiny world, larger
almost in order.

දිනමිණ වසත් සුළඟ 11.12.2018 


  1. I feel that the philosophy reflected by the original verses, is indicated much better in the Sinhala translation ! Keep it up !

  2. This is what I exactly feel when I go to kitchen during winter times while the world around me is still asleep..
    You translation is so beautiful!