August 17, 2017

පෙම් කරමි සදාකාලිකව

 I will always love you,
 like the ocean loves the shoreline. 

In gentle wakes,
in violent waves, 
in rising tides from sinking moons.

I will always love you 
and though I may recede,
I will always, always come back to you.

-Tyler Kent White

දිනමිණ, වසත් සුළඟ- 15/08/2017 


  1. Found this interesting blog via your father's blog (අධ්‍යාපන රසකතා).. Finally went through the whole blog...I got a question to ask & hope you would give an answer.
    Are u a graduate of Management faculty of USJP?

  2. Thanks Pamal, yes, 97/98 batch.

    1. I was a grade 4 School student in 97.I entered to same faculty in 2010.Anyway it is a pleasure to see a superior super graduate in this blog sphere

    2. even I only realised it has been twenty years when I wrote the reply above!:) yes great to meet a fellow alumni.