August 14, 2017

Black and white

shadows and light
play with the mind
many shades of grey
unsure and infinite
crowding sanity
choices irresolute
as hesitancy abounds

but sometimes somewhere
the glisten of a tress
the plane of a cheek
the curve of a lash
grasp the heart in a fist
definitely, lucidly
as sure as a heartbeat
as unfailing as breath

the blacks and whites of life...


  1. Wow, love this poem. The never ending struggle to understand our true self, right and wrong, good and bad etc. Answers usually come to us in the form of love. Then it's no longer grey, it becomes pure black and white.

    Great work Malie!

    1. Thanks Thisara, spot on! a not-so-black and white poem for a black and white picture? :)

  2. Now you are writing your own poems. it is a bold step forwards ! great ! Keep it up! It can be translated for your next appearance in 'Wides Kawi' in Dinamina.

    1. thaththa, thanks- 'my own' poems are very few and far in between!