July 22, 2018

Little Fires Everywhere | Celeste Ng

Author:   Celeste Ng
Genre:   Fiction
Publisher:   A Perigee Book/Penguin Group
Originally published:   12 September 2017

Little Fires Everywhere is the second book by American writer Celeste Ng and has won many awards in a short period of time.

This story delves in the lives of an affluent family living in a progressive suburb. Their lives are changed by the single mother and daughter who arrive in their suburb and become their tenants. Celeste paints a clear and intricate picture about each individual in the story, highlighting their character traits and weaknesses. The story questions our beliefs on right and wrong, and whether just love, in the end is enough. 

The many sub stories wound through the main plot are planned and laid out very well, describing the conflicting and contrasting human nature. I specially liked the author's description of the artist, Amy's work- though surely imaginary, were very vivid to the reader. Not a quick read- at 338 pages, but I felt it was worth the time spent. The fact that it is currently being made into a TV mini series must mean that its worth has been recognised widely. 

Awards won:
- Instant New York Times Bestseller
- Amazon's Best Novel Of 2017
- Winner of The Goodreads Readers' Choice Award 2017, Fiction
- Named A Best Book Of The Year By Npr • Amazon • Barnes & Noble • Entertainment Weekly • Guardian • Buzzfeed • Esquire • Washington Post 


  1. Even though its not related to this post hope 'christine'was discharged from the hospital.

    1. Yes, she is recovering. thanks for your concern :)

  2. Not really my fav kind of book but I enjoyed reading ur review.

    1. thanks Ian, I honestly would not have picked it if not from the recommendation from Goodreads either!It was worth it though.