July 24, 2017

on a tenth birthday


  1. This is so touching Malie. I wish a very happy birthday to Putha. He will cherish this one day.

    When he truly understand the weight of empathy and the burden of being sharp, he will also understand that love is all he needs.

    1. thanks Thisara.

      hopefully it will be all he needs :)

  2. "The philosopher and the clown
    My baby growing up"

    Love this poem Malee; so beautiful and heart warming. My little boy is turning four this year, and I still remember the days with him inside me as yesterday. Time is flying in an unbelievable speed.

    Happy birthday wishes with lots of love to your little kitten. :)

    1. Sithuwili-
      Four is a magical age- are you having to answer lots of questions? :)

      yes time flies incredibly fast, we must remember to cherish every day. thanks for the wishes!

    2. Oh yes, he is a magician and gives us blissful moments to cherish for a lifetime. See: පැංචාගේ රස කතා.

      That was only a tiny pinch of his cute mischievousness. :)

  3. The poems are memories
    Bringing about glories
    Of the unborn and new born
    But the days are gone
    And will never return

    You are our fourth grand son
    We always create and do some fun
    As you grow day by day
    Learn things in the best way
    And show your colours and empathy.

    We wish you a very happy birthday

    From Seeya and Achchi Amma

    1. putha says thank you Seeya. he is very excited to be double digits!

  4. AnonymousJuly 26, 2017

    Birthday wishes from Ontario, Canada.