January 23, 2018

මා ආදරයෙනි

She loved me | Neil Hilborn

I have been wondering, mostly,
if love and sanity are the same thing.
When I say I am in love
I am also saying the world makes sense to me right now,
and I know that love is not the same as knowing everything,
but I have been trying to describe
everything about her.

Because she is gone, 
because about her there are unknowns 
that will now remain unknowable,
It is important to list what is mine to list

she likes hazelnut in her coffee
she is a better driver when her transmission is manual
though she couldnt name it,
her favourite colour is bakelite seafoam green

she loved me once
though it wasnt for very long
though  it shouldnt have happened

she loved me

දිනමිණ- වසත් සුළඟ 23. 01.2018