July 20, 2016

දෑකැති සඳ සහ රිදී සලබයා

Tonight the moon is a perfect…
not quite but nearly sickle
its edges clearly cut
as a white flower in a dim garden
a bone kicked up
on a forest floor
if I bend my knees slightly
and look
I can change its position
maneuvering it
into the shivering branches
of the bare ash tree
This morning the silver moth
which had circled and fluttered
against that not quite sickle moon
lay pressed on the carpet
a smudge of grey dust
perfect powdery wings
under heedless footsteps

-Nicolette Stasko

දිනමිණ වසත් සුළඟ අතිරේකය - 19/07/2016 

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