May 24, 2018

පෙම් කවි ලියන්නෙක් නොවේ

Not a love poet | Rudy Francisco 

See I’m going to be honest, I’m not a love poet
But if I was to wake up tomorrow morning
and decide that I really wanted to write about love
I swear that my first poem…
It would be about you
You see, I’m not really a love poet
But if I was I’d write about how I see your face
in every cloud and your reflection in every window

You see I’ve written like a million poems
 hoping that somehow maybe someway
you’ll jump out of the page and be closer to me
If I was a love poet
I’d write about how you have the audacity to be beautiful
Even on days when everything around you is ugly

You see I’d write about your eyelashes
and how they are like violin strings
that play symphonies every time you blink

I know this sounds strange
but every now and then
I pray that God somehow turns you back in to one of my ribs...
Just so that I would never have to spend an entire day without you

දිනමිණ වසත් සුළඟ 15.05.2018

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