March 14, 2018

දැරියකගේ හිත

A Girl's Head |Katherine Gallagher

In it there is a dream
 that was started
before she was born
and there is a globe
with hemispheres
which shall be happy
there is her own spacecraft
a chosen dress
and pictures of her friends
there are shining rings
and a maze of mirrors
there is a diary
for surprise occasions
there is a horse springing hooves
across the sky
there is a sea that
tides and swells
and cannot be mapped
there is untold hope
in that no equation exactly
fits a head

දිනමිණ වසත් සුළඟ 13.03.2018

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  1. ඉතාම හොඳ පරිවර්තනයක්. 'A maze of mirrors' කියන එකට 'කැඩපතින් සෑදුනු වංකගිරියක්' කියන යෙදුම ඉංග්‍රීසි යෙදුමටත් වඩා අර්ථාන්විතයි.